For those of you interested in the Long Island Astros game and player stats you can click on the links below to view our box scores for 2005 summer baseball games played in Connie Mack, Glen Cove Mayors Trophy and Cooperstown Baseball World.

6/5 Astros -vs- LI Sound @ Herricks CC

6/10 Astros -vs- Valley Stream Hawks @ Tully Park

6/12 Astros -vs- Port Washington @ Lions Field

6/14 Astros -vs- Valley Stream Hawks @ Herricks CC

6/17 Astros -vs- Merillon @ Herricks MS

6/23 Astros -vs- South Shore @ Wantagh Park

6/25 Astros -vs- Levittown Generals West @ Herricks CC

6/26 Astros -vs- GC Bombers @ HCC

7/3 Astros -vs- Levittown Generals East @ Herricks HS

7/7 Astros -vs- East Meadow @ Herricks MS

7/10 Astros -vs- Syosset @ Herricks MS

7/15 Astros -vs- Levittown Central @ Glen Cove

Cooperstown Baseball World 7/16 thru 7/22 in Oneonta, NY

7/24 Astros -vs- Oceanside @ Herricks MS

7/25 Astros -vs- Long Beach @ Herricks MS

7/30 Astros -vs- Island Garden @ Herricks HS

8/2 Astros -vs- PW Legends @ Glen Cove

8/3 Astros -vs- Levittown Generals West @ Macarthur HS (Connie Mack Playoff)

8/5 Astros -vs- Merillon @ Glen Cove

8/6 Astros -vs- Oceanside @ Herricks HS (Connie Mack Playoff)

8/8 Astros -vs- Elmjack @ Glen Cove

8/9 Astros -vs- Oceanside @ Eisenhower Park Field A (Connie Mack Playoff)

8/10 Astros -vs- PW PAL @ Glen Cove

8/13 Astros -vs- HBQVB @ Glen Cove

8/22 Astros -vs- Bronx Rangers @ Glen Cove

8/24 Astros -vs- PW Legends @ Glen Cove

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