2004 Astros 13U Spring / Summer / Fall Team Roster - Click on Player for picture & profile

TJ Arsenault   P, SS

Joe Barrett   OF

David Bernardi   1B, P

Justin Casale   P, C, 3B, 2B (Fall only)

Paul Chung   2B, OF (Spring & Summer)

Jonathan Combs   INF, OF (Spring only)

Daniel Dallal   3B, OF (Spring & Summer)    

Jacob Fischler   1B, OF (Spring & Fall)

Zachary Greenwald   C (Summer only) 

Daniel Levine   OF, C

Matt Lynn   P, 2B, 3B, OF (Spring & Summer)

Matt Malley   SS, OF, P (Fall only)

Patrick Martinucci   2B, OF, P (Summer Only)

Chris McCormick   OF (Summer Only)

Dan McEnery   C

Ethan Peck   C (Fall only) 

Brendan Reynolds   2B, OF (Fall only)

Zachary Root   OF, 2B, P (Fall only)

Ryan Rusoff   3B, 2B, OF

Michael Sausto   3B, SS, P, OF

Daniel Schure   P, OF, 1B (Spring only)

Brent Williams   P, 2B, OF (Spring & Summer)

Coaching Staff -

Manager - Jeff Rusoff

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